Fullstack Developer

Start date: Asap
Duration: TBD
Allocation: 100%
Location: Oslo or Remote

Our client develops software and systems that help customers who conduct trend and market research.

This includes:
– A platform for market research online communities (MROC). The platform is used for qualitative surveys (such as live chat, forums, etc.),
– A service that automatically calls approx. 100,000 respondents every week, and delivers interview answers to the Norwegian Corona Monitor.
– An event-driven data-lake solution that enables customers to deliver market research data in near real-time.

The tasks will include everything from problem-solving and product design — together with customers — via implementation of backend and frontend components, to deployment in production; and even operating and maintaining their products over time.

Their software is built with extended use of open source software components and runs on Linux systems with their cloud service providers. The key technologies and components of their solutions include: GNU/Linux (OS), Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, Ionic, FastAPI, TurboGears, HAProxy, Ansible (for DevOps), PostgreSQL, Redis, RabbitMQ, Celery, and Pandas. They also have a strong focus on ensuring data security and integrity for all solutions. For hosting and storage, they use cloud service providers such as Klikk.com, DigitalOcean, Amazon Web Services, and Mandrill.

– Has extensive experience with programming in one or more of the languages ​​Python, JavaScript and/or TypeScript, SQL, or equivalent.
– Is constructive and solution-oriented, and has the will and ability to quickly learn new technology if necessary.
– Has the ability to both see the big-picture whole of a system and how the system fits into its surroundings.
– Has the ability to focus on isolated parts of a system, as well as reflect on how changes in details will affect the systems around it.
– Is familiar with both server and client side development.

Nice to have:
– Have read one or more of Edward Tufte’s books (on visualizing information).
– Have read or know the principles in the books (the more, the better) «Pragmatic Programming», «Programming Pearls», «Code Complete (2)», «The Productive Programmer» and «The Art of Computer Programming».
– Has experience with and/or good knowledge of The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)’s Application Security Verification Standard (ASVS) and their Top Ten list.