Jan-Peter Palmunen

07 Oct, 2019
Talent testimonials

I was surprised by how straightforward the process was. Everything went so smoothly and fast, it only took 20 hours from the call about a job interview with my agent to getting a job.

Jan-Peter Palmunen
Jan-Peter Palmunen
Who is Jan-Peter?

JP aka the dancing nerd. I started dancing in 1986, the same time I started messing around with computers. I’ve studied dancing abroad and worked in Africa, but IT has always been involved in some way. I’m currently working as Senior Software Developer at Arantio.

What hardware do you use?

Right now I’m using MacBook Pro – 13″ with 2 extra connected displays. I also have a bunch of misc other hardware for a different type of situations.

And what software?

For coding, I’m using PhpStorm, VS Code and run development environments on my Mac using Homebrew. There are also lots of supporting software for my non-coding related tasks.


What is your favourite programming language and why?

Could be PHP because I’ve been working with it for so long.

How did you hear about Talented and how did your process go?

I had heard about Talented briefly before, but I bumped into you again when I began to think that I should start looking jobs from the capital area. I saw one of your Facebook ads, clicked, read a bit about what you do on your webpage and applied. Consideration time 3 seconds.

The process with Talented was simple. I was invited to a meeting where we talked about my preferences for jobs and companies, and I told I was more interested in backend stuff. I like working on frontend too but the backend is my number one strength. I like working on things where you cannot really make too many mistakes. Anyways, after the meeting, the next contact was with one of the agents. I got a call from Johannes about a job interview, agreed to go, went and got the job. The process was so straightforward that I’m still surprised. It took 20 hours from the call with Johannes to getting the job.

I went to check Arantio’s web site after the call although I didn’t get much out of it,  but once I got to the interview with Masood, the CEO, he explained what the core business was and my interest was awakened. The interview was on Wednesday and I started working the next Monday. I had a smooth start and time to digest all the new information because I was briefed in stages, which was nice.  Of course, I was super confused for the first week and didn’t work with my team yet, but after I was given ”real” tasks I quickly blended in the team. We have a small team of seven and everyone was very welcoming. I like how they operate in Arantio, and I’ve been very satisfied. You get to ask dumb all the time.

How did we do and has your new job matched with your expectations? 

Talented did well, I’m still amazed by how fast and easy the process was. My given preferences have matched with the new job quite well too. If something is to be improved I would have hoped a bit more feedback on what was happening after building my profile. The time frame was a short one, but I’d have liked to be posted on every step.

What would you say to a friend or anyone who’s looking for new challenges?

For anyone who’s looking for new career possibilities, I’d recommend to check Talented’s webpage out. You might get positively surprised.