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Talented is a developer network that tailors career opportunities for independent and job-seeking developers. Talented was established with a desire to be a different voice in what can be a labor market with a lot of noise. We want to turn the recruitment process upside down by putting the developer’s wishes first. Talented is a professional representative and partner for the developer, who matches the developer to the desired project or position. Talented is now looking for a new recruiter who can help developers with their next career step, of those who are looking for new permanent positions.

Who is Talented?

Talented is part of the Talented Family which consists of six companies in Norway and Finland. Talented Finland was established 5 years ago, has 45 employees, and a turnover of 130 million in 2020. Talented Norway is 1.5 years old, has a turnover of 12 million in the first year of operation and has nine employees. Our joint network consists of 3,000 jobseekers and independent developers from Finland and Norway.

What will your everyday work look like?

  • Help job-seeking developers with their next career step
  • Communicate with our community and be active in building it even bigger
  • Be responsible for search for selected customers
  • Conduct onboarding interviews with clients and talents
  • Ensure good onboarding in systems and good presentation to desired partner companies
  • Have a dialogue with our partner companies. This includes challenging and understanding their needs
  • Assist in the development of recruitment processes and work methods


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Who are you?

  • Relevant higher education 2 years + work experience
  • Experience from recruitment, mainly search and talent acquisition
  • Knowledge and interest in the IT industry
  • Ability to understand the requirements of an IT position in relation to a person’s professional competence
  • Relevant network
  • You have no problem talking to customers

Why Talented?

  • You get the opportunity to help lift an entrepreneurial organization up and forward in the Nordic region
  • You will be part of a new way of working in recruitment
  • You will be embraced by, and further developed in tech. – which is something everyone should know a lot about
  • Opportunity to join the owner side of the company
  • A good and informal work environment with a flexible and self-directed working day
  • We focus on our employees having a work-life balance
  • We do not believe in processes that are carved in stone, and are big advocates for a self-determined way of working – and we hope you do too
  • We believe in giving people responsibility, we believe in constant learning, and we believe in you!
  • You will get a workplace in the center of Oslo