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Fullstack developer Kotlin Java Node.js Typescript

Position: Fullstack developer
Location: Oslo

Building a scalable platform for the EU market

Does the thought of companies harvesting and selling your data make you angry? Help us bring back privacy online by giving advertisers a better alternative! We are now looking for an exceptional Fullstack developer to join the shaping and future of our product as we continue to expand our presence in Europe. We are building a new publisher platform, and you will be joining the team working on developing a scalable solution.

Here at Kobler we have built a unique product where advertisers can deliver relevant ads without using personal data at all. Whenever a newspaper article is read online there is a real time auction where the winner gets to place their ads. Most of the participants in these auctions do this based on your personal data they have gathered or bought from data harvesting companies. Our platform instead contextually couples ads to the article – if you’re reading an article about the best local takeout restaurants, we might place an ad from Foodora. This lets us place relevant ads without tracking of any kind.

About Kobler

Kobler has since our start in 2017 grown rapidly and we have more than 30 employees with offices in Oslo and Stockholm. We have developed our own, in-house contextual ad platform, ready to take on the established actors in the market, such as Google and Facebook.

Skills and requirements
  • At least 3 years of relevant work experience
  • Experience building web applications and APIs
  • Excellent overall web knowledge (not just building web applications, but the underlying plumbing: HTTP, TCP, SSL, DNS, reverse proxies, etc.)
  • Writing tests and performing code reviews are natural parts of your daily work
  • Ideally you have a degree in a relevant field, but experience can make up for this if you don’t.

It is a plus if you have experience with:

  • Cloud platforms (like AWS or GCP)
  • Web scraping/crawling
  • Experience building public REST APIs
  • Experience building scalable, distributed systems
Our tech stack
  • Most of our services are Dropwizard based REST APIs written in Kotlin and Java with Postgres for persistence. 
  • A few are NodeJS written in Typescript. Our frontends are React apps written in Typescript.
  • Everything runs as Docker containers on AWS ECS, automatically deployed with CircleCI.
  • If this sounds interesting but you don’t have experience with the languages or tools we’re using, please do not hesitate to apply. Languages and frameworks come and go and we don’t expect anyone to have experience with all of these.


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