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Backend Java Kotlin

Position: Backend developer
Location: Oslo

Back end scalability for the EU market

Do you dislike being tracked everywhere you go online? Help us bring back privacy online by giving advertisers a better alternative! We are looking for a Backend developer to to join the team responsible for developing and maintaining our campaign management system, perhaps the most critical part of our platform.

Here at Kobler we have built a unique product where advertisers can deliver relevant ads without using personal data at all. Whenever a newspaper article is read online there is a real time auction where the winner gets to place their ads. Most of the participants in these auctions do this based on your personal data they have gathered or bought from data harvesting companies. Our platform instead contextually couples ads to the article – if you’re reading an article about the best local takeout restaurants, we might place an ad from Foodora. This lets us place relevant ads without tracking of any kind.

About Kobler

Kobler has since our start in 2017 grown rapidly and we have more than 30 employees with offices in Oslo and Stockholm. We have developed our own, in-house contextual ad platform, ready to take on the established actors in the market, such as Google and Facebook. Since launching our platform in 2019 we’ve proven that contextual advertising works, and we’re now preparing to scale into new European markets.

Your role
  • Hundreds of household brands and major advertising companies use Kobler as their preferred contextual advertising platform. At the heart of this is our bidding system which participates in real time auctions whenever someone reads an article online in Norway and Sweden.
  • You will be joining the team responsible for developing and maintaining this system. The traffic volume it is handling is already high, but we have ambitious goals and are aiming to handle much more traffic in the next few years. This is a fun domain if you enjoy technical challenges!
Work tasks

In addition to the bidding system, the team is also responsible for other related areas, such as:

  • Campaign targeting – how to best match the content of articles to the keyword based targeting our customers set up
  • Campaign budgeting – predicting the news landscape so that we can hit our customer’s budgets in a smart way
  • Real time analytics – giving our customers transparent insight into exactly where their ads are being placed
We think you might have
  • experience with high performance languages such as C++, Java or Rust
  • experience building distributed, highly concurrent systems
  • strong knowledge of databases and how to make them fly
  • a deep enjoyment of shaving milliseconds off a P99
It is a plus if you have experience with:
  • Event streaming platforms, such as Kafka or Pulsar
  • High performance distributed caches, such as Redis or Memcached
  • CI/CD and DevOps
  • Agile development methodologies
Technical detail Backend systems
  • Java/Kotlin
  • Postgres
  • Redis
  • 100% automated CI/CD (Docker, CircleCI)

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