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Fullstack Backend

Do you like programming, and wish to help other developers with their next career step?

Talented is a network of developers that tailors career opportunities for independent and job-seeking developers. Talented was established with the wish to represent a different voice in a somewhat noisy labor market. We turn the recruitment process upside down by putting the developers wishes first. Talented is a professional representative and partner for the developer, who matches the developer to their chosen project or position. Talented is now looking for a full-stack developer who can help developers with their next career step, whether they are looking for projects or employment.

Who is Talented?

Talented is a part of the Talented Family, which consists of six companies in Norway and Finland. Talented Finland was established 5 years ago, and are now 35 employees and had a turnover of 130 million in 2020. Talented Norway is 1 year old, had a turnover of 12 million the first operating year, and has 9 employees. Our joint network consists of 3,000 job seeking and independent developers. 

What will your workday look like?

  • Help independent and job-seeking developers with their next career step
  • Communicate with our community, and be a contributor to building it even bigger
  • Communicate with our partner companies. This includes challenging and understanding their needs
  • Work with tech internally in Talented, together with a team of developers. We are working on developing technology that simplifies recruitment, in favor of the developer


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Who are you?

  • Expertise in full stack development, with mainly emphasis on backend
  • Minimum 4 years experience with development
  • You love talking to others and discussing new trends
  • Experience with customer contact, for example through work as a consultant

Why Talented?

  • You get the opportunity to help lift an entrepreneurial organization up and forward in the Nordic region
  • Ownership interests in Norway and new locations we will establish in
  • A good and informal work environment, with a flexible and autonomous working day
  • Focus on ensuring that our employees have a work-family balance
  • We don’t believe in workplace pecking orders or processes set in stone and are huge advocates for a self-directive way of working – and we hope you do too.
  • We believe in giving people power and responsibility, we believe in constant learning, and we believe in you.