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Data scientist NLP

Position: Data Scientist NLP
Location: Oslo

Do you want to join the development of a privacy first marketing platform?

Does the thought of companies harvesting and selling your data make you angry? Help us bring back privacy online by giving advertisers an alternative! Our data team is seeking a new data scientist, specializing in NLP.

Here at Kobler we have built a unique product where advertisers can deliver relevant ads without using personal data at all. Whenever an online newspaper article is read there is a real time auction where the winner gets to display their ads. Most of the participants in these auctions bid based on what they know about you, i.e., your personal data that they have gathered or bought from data harvesting companies. Our platform instead contextually couples ads to the article – if you’re reading an article about the best local takeout restaurants, we might place an ad from Foodora. This lets us place relevant ads without tracking of any kind.

Kobler is a trusted B2B company in the ad technology industry located in Oslo and Stockholm. Our expertise is online text processing, and we have powered the search engine for the Norwegian Parliament for many years.

Your role

Kobler has datasets with several hundred thousand articles, growing every day. We want to improve our understanding of this dataset. What are the articles about? How do we match articles to advertisers? Which topics are trending? What is the sentiment? 

  • We are looking for someone who can be our specialist in NLP. Someone who wants to make a lot of experiments on text data to tweak that little extra performance from our models. This can be quite close to a research position, as long as you keep the commercial applications in mind.
  • As in most practical applications of data science, collecting the data and ensuring that ideas make it to production is a big part of the job. You will need to take ownership for delivering beyond just the analysis, but will also enjoy a strong team support and collaborative environment in achieving that.
Your work
  • Explore our text data to find new insights
  • Code and validate changes on how we analyze text
  • Help the team be up to date on the latest developments in NLP
  • Be part of a collaborative environment. Be a discussion partner, do code reviews, transfer knowledge and help your colleagues succeed.
  • The key qualification we are looking for is strong skills in NLP
  • As our datasets are currently in Norwegian and Swedish, you need to be able to understand those languages.
It is a plus (but not required) if you
  • Have experience with NLP in commercial applications
  • Have experience with Apache Solr
  • Are used to working in team based environments with version control and code reviews
  • Have strong programming skills, in particular in Python
  • Have experience with machine learning in production
  • Are familiar with SQL
  • Have experience with cloud based solutions (especially AWS)
  • Proficiency in other European languages is a plus, as we plan to expand in Europe
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