Growth consulting
A flexible and versatile partner for recruiting IT- and digital roles. In addition to hands-on recruitment, we help you build and or streamline recruitment processes, and to get more relevant applicants through employer branding.
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More efficient recruitment?

Whether you need an extra pair of hands to carry out recruitment processes or support to make them more efficient, we’ve got your back.

  • Sourcing, headhunting, screening
  • Technical evaluations and interviews, testing
  • Enhancing recruitment process’ success, data
  • Developing candidate experience
  • International recruitments
  • Recruitment strategies
  • Contract negotiations, employment contracts

Structure for processes?

If your organization’s structured recruitment process is yet to be created, we’re happy to help you build efficient and candidate-friendly processes and plan both long- and short-term recruitment strategies.

Our inhouse recruiters can take responsibility for a selected part of the recruitment process or the entire process. When the need is more complex, you can build a team of our specialists to meet your needs.

  • Building the recruitment function and -team
  • Recruitment strategy

More applicants?

Ongoing discussion with our community’s over 4000 developers and designers keeps up-to-date on what kind of things this target group appreciates in work and employers. We help you reach the experts you want with the right message, in the right channels effectively, as well boost your attractiveness through employer branding.

  • Employer branding workshops and strategy
  • Employer branding content, advertisement and events

How does growth consulting work?

In growth consulting, Talented’s consultant works as part of the client’s team to achieve the goals set. The consultant looks at the client’s business and processes from the inside and is thus able to actively participate in the development of the recruitment and can also sell the client better to the candidates. With every consultant comes also the diverse expertise gained in various industries and clients, ready for you to be utilized.

When there are multiple recruitment needs on the table, it is more cost-efficient to choose in-house recruitment, where work is billed based on time and material,  instead of traditional outsourcing. In-house recruitment is also flexible; situations can change quickly, and it is easy to change focus and tactics with a consultant.


Time and material billing according to agreed hourly price, billed monthly. The hourly price of the consultant depends on the length, difficulty and scope of the case.

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