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Is your organisation taking over a new business area or leaping forward with its digital competence? Talented Executive Recruitment helps you recruit the digital leaders you need agilely, be it CTO, CDO, Lead Developer or some other C-level digital role.
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Scaling up a startup?

Have you founded a startup with a specific tech stack and still got some runway left, and now is the time to gear up? The role to be sought could be a hands-on CTO, who would participate in both the practical work and aligning technical solutions in cooperation with the founders.

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Taking over a new business area?

New can be both exciting and frightening. A people- and project management professional with deep understanding of software development could be just what is needed to lead the new era successfully.

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Leaping forward with digital competence?

Is your organization perhaps operating in traditional industry and you are now investing in IoT and digital capabilities to grow your business? The person needed is a digital business leader who is accustomed to working in the interface of analog and digital businesses, and can pilot a cost-effective investment into a new everyday life.

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You only pay for success

You only pay for a signed contract of employment, looking for suitable candidates is always free-of-charge. When the new digital leader starts their work, you can choose from our transparent pricing models the one that suits you best; monthly or one time fee.

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20% of Yearly Salary
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Agreed according to project demands and details

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