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Senior backend developer for OwnersRoom

05 Nov 2020 by mari

Backend developer – OwnersRoom

At OwnersRoom we are hiring a backend developer for building a team of software engineers that pride themselves on writing high quality and maintainable code.

Our current architecture consists of microservices running in a Kubernetes cluster hosted on Google Cloud Platform. The services are primarily written in Go with some Node.js on the side. We’re big fans of infrastructure-as-code and use Terraform and Kubernetes manifests for everything. Our primary database engine is Postgres, but we use BigQuery for business intelligence reporting. Our public facing API is presented as a single GraphQL endpoint, but we use gRPC as the internal wire protocol.

All of our testing and deploying is managed in our CI/CD system and we trust and expect all developers to be confident using this to deploy their own code. We try our best to release early and often and are always striving to implement DevOps best practices.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for a senior backend developer with a wide skill set. The ideal candidate has the following skills:

  • Knowledge of (or interest in) using Go in production
  • Familiarity with microservice architectures
  • Experience using Google Cloud Platform
  • 12 years experience with Kubernetes (just kidding)
  • Experience using Terraform
  • Experience building and securing REST or GraphQL APIs
  • Experience writing and optimizing queries for PostgreSQL
  • Interest in improving CI/CD pipelines
 What can we offer?
  • A senior role in an engineering team in growth
  • Expert knowledge of working with investors and raising capital
  • Competitive salary and flexible working hours
  • Employee equity program
  • Included lunch
  • Your own Slack emoji
 About OwnersRoom

OwnersRoom is a FinTech startup founded by experienced serial entrepreneurs and backed by several of Norway’s most prominent investors. We offer a platform that helps companies to simplify business critical processes such as raising capital, investor relations and administration of the company’s shares and other securities.

For almost three years now we have been building a product aimed at helping private companies and investors succeed together. Our software is used by some of Norway’s most exciting growth companies and investment firms. We are now in the process of scaling up our engineering team to meet the growing demands of our customers and build a world class product that can scale internationally.

Other Information

Our offices are located in downtown Oslo at Storgata 7.

How can you Apply?

Please send an email to  or apply by register in Talented👇

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