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Back end developer for Qispace

27 Oct 2020 by mari

Backend developer

We are looking for an experienced backend developer with a passion for code who would like to work in a small team with large and exciting prospects. 

About Qispace

Qi Holding AS is an Oslo-based technology company that has developed a SaaS platform from scratch. This is currently used by the housing association BOB BBL (Bergen og Omegn Boligbyggerlag) on, among other things, the project Alumen ( ). We are probably the only company in the world that automatically visualizes all the apartments in a building and generates its views. A platform is beeing created around this, as well as a number of practical solutions for the housing industry at all levels, from housing developer to buyer. 

QI has ambitions for rapid international growth and is in dialogue with developers from the US to Japan. 

Key features of our new backend developer
  • Passionate about the art of coding and are updated 
  • Takes ownership of the project and is concerned that it will be the best possible.
  • Learns fast and open to learning new things 
  • Works independently and structured 
  • Experience from mobile projects 
  • Masters troubleshooting and working on other people’s code 
Knowledge and experience 
  • You have a higher relevant education in computer science or equivalent. Good work experience can compensate for a lack of formal education. 
  • You have good experience with Azure 
  • Communicates well in Norwegian and English 

Technologies we have used in our projects: C #, .NET, MSSQL, MongoDB, couchbase, jQuery, REST API, .NET Core, DevOps, Node JS, Swift, Ionic, NVelocity, Git,

Qi offers 
  • Opportunity to work with product development and shape the way forward. 
  • Unpretentious and pleasant working environment 
  • Competitive wages 
  • Insurance and pension scheme
  • 5 weeks paid holiday 


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