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Coronavirus: Talented’s measures and market analysis

20 Mar 2020 by kristin

Our main objective in this unexpected situation is to take care of the wellbeing of our Talents, Partners and our own personnel and to ensure the continuity of both the Talents’ work and Partners’ businesses. In this text, we share our perception of what does the market look like at the moment and explain how we can support our Talents and Partners in this tight spot.

From the job seeker’s point of view

Just like many companies, also most of the Talented Partners have already started to work fully or partly remotely. Companies are also handling all meetings remotely and encouraged their employers to avoid unnecessary social contacts, traveling and participating in events. For sure this is no new news to you.

In terms of recruitment, as the economy is slowing down some companies have had to stop all recruitment processes and need to face the unpleasant possibility of co-operation negotiations. These negotiations can, of course, lead to fixed, short or long term layoffs or even terminations of employment. These are of course worst-case scenario -predictions and in the easiest cases, some tasks, jobs or vacations will just be adjusted to the situation at hand. Though, most companies are just taking more consideration and raising the bar a bit higher with their recruitments.

What you can do to secure the future in terms of employment?

  • Be proactive. If your employment situation feels shaky, start exploring new opportunities.
  • There are a number of open positions at Jobs (our tool for Talents and Partners). Get in touch with us to get access to Jobs, and start exploring!
  • Use your time to learn new things, like the technologies that you have wanted to look into. In-demand technologies at the moment are:
    • Frontend: Frameworks related to reactive programming such as React
    • Backend: Node.js, TypeScript, Kotlin
    • Cloud: AWS
    • Misc: Robot Framework, Serverless, Kubernetes, Terraform, Kafka, DevOps, PostgreSQL
    • Mobile: React Native, Flutter

This is not the time for despair nor hasty actions. This is the perfect time to figure out what you want from your career. Lean on your Talented Agent’s virtual shoulder and find the next step for your career together!


From the freelance consultant’s point of view

At the time being, we still have a normal inflow of projects from our partner companies despite the COVID-19 pandemic. We have not been informed that any of our partners would have stopped or postponed projects yet.

Some companies use freelancers as a buffer, so if their own developers are coming back to the office because some projects have been stopped or postponed, they might let subcontractors go. This is something you want to prepare for. How?

  • Be proactive, follow the project pipeline we offer and if your contract is about to expire, start working on new potential cases at least four weeks before, if possible.
  • List up 3-6 potential cases and get in touch with us to get more information.
  • Use your time to learn new things, like the technologies that you have wanted to look into. In-demand technologies at the moment are:
    • Frontend: Frameworks related to reactive programming, such as React
    • Backend: Node.js, TypeScript, Kotlin
    • Cloud: AWS
    • Misc: Robot Framework, Serverless, Kubernetes, Terraform, Kafka, DevOps, PostgreSQL
    • Mobile: React Native, Flutter
  • There will most likely be less open opportunities this spring due to the market slowing down, which means more fierce competition on the ones that come. Be open to negotiating prices.
  • Value projects that are stable and long-lasting to ensure continuity (Banks, Public cases, Insurance companies..).
  • Get references from earlier cases, make sure you leave an image of a high-end consultant who is really interested in building customers business.

A question that a large number of consultants have asked us is, “Can my client stop the contract?”. The answer is yes, under the terms of the contract. The reason why so many companies want to use external contractors is the flexibility that it provides for them, for both good and bad.

If looking for a new project is becoming current for you or you want to discuss the market situation, please get in touch with us. We are here to support your work continuity!


For companies

The COVID-19 twister has already affected us all. Every single company is going through the predictions made for the ongoing year and fixing the budgets. Most have already recreated the predictions and are preparing for a recession. As the days pass, we will see more and more companies announcing not-so-delightful actions and savings, because the economy will inevitably slow down. The upcoming lay-off news are strongly related to the predictions of what the summer season is going to look like, and organizations need to act now to have a say in the results. So it’s not about revenue dropping, it’s precautionary actions that speak loudly. If you’d like to hear our CEO Harri Sieppi’s in-depth market analysis in Finnish, watch this video.

At Talented we want to do everything in our power to make sure that our customers’ businesses keep running. If your organization hits any of the following issues, we are just a phone call away and ready to back you up.

  • If your internal team (HR/Taskforce) is struggling to maintain situational image, scenarios and communication on a needed level, we are here to help you handle this COVID-19 situation. The outbreak is putting lots of pressure on all organizations, and the back offices are already filled with work and people are stretching. If you think your team needs help, we are here to back you up. We have Communications & HR people in our team that are up for the job. Our consulting team can help you during the critical phases working together with you and offer market information/build your own handbooks to cover the potential scenarios ahead.
  • If your organization’s ways of working and team culture are not set up for this remote-first situation, we can support you in organizing and managing remote work so that your projects can continue as normally as possible.
  • If your recruiting licenses got retracted/cancelled, let’s make sure your project will not get harmed. We have a rather big number of available freelancers ready to jump in if you need versatile and flexible workforce. We also got contracts with all the major consulting companies and a network of small and medium-sized businesses who can help too. Describe your need to our team and we’ll jump in to help you solve it, gather the available talents on the market and help you choose and fill the teams.
  • Are you getting pressure to cut down the costs? We gather information from the market actively and can back you up with the right data. You can check if you are paying too much or not. You might also need to start prioritizing the work, and if you need a good technical project manager to help to do so, we’ve got you.
  • If you didn’t get your recruitment licenses cancelled, and might want to hire more people rather than buy more consultants, let’s talk. Since the market is turbulent, people are more open to apply for safer businesses and look for employment options. This could be a good time for you to put a bit more pressure on recruitment, as the most interesting employers now are the ones that feel the safest, not the ones that do the coolest things. Our recruitment team and recruitment consultants are here for you if you need fast actions.
  • Got people on the bench? We currently have over 60 open opportunities. You can send our team a message about your situation and what kind of talents you got there looking for new projects, and we will help you staff the team.


Contact information

Svein Sørensen,, +47 950 90 983
Erlend Stokke,, +47 481 08 549
Isaac Gray,, +47 922 00 645

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