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Talented Survey 2017 results

21 Dec 2017 by pixels

We are building a community of talented (pun unintended) programmers, and want to make sure our talents get the most out of it. We thought it would be a good idea to execute a survey after the first year in business to find out the things we are doing okay and the things that need to be improved. We got answers from 89 Talented network members and we would now like to share the results that we thought you developers would find the most interesting.

  • When starting the business the goal was to help experienced developers to find better jobs and change the way IT-recruitment works. The results show that we have managed to hit that niche quite well when having network members with on average 11 years of work experience. So far hundreds of developers have popped the champagne.
  • We’re building a community so we were happy to see the word “easily approachable” as the top word to describe us. We are also proud to announce that the number of the people in the network today is close to 900, yay!
  • What is contradictory is that the most used programming languages are not necessarily the most loved ones which means many developers use languages they don’t really want to use. This brings us an exciting challenge to find a job/project involving the technologies and languages candidates feverishly want to learn and use because after all our purpose is to find the most interesting and funniest jobs/projects for them.
  • We will wait and see if the Emacs fans strike back in the next year’s survey.


❤️ Huge thanks to all the answerers! ❤️